Welcome, You!


Alice is a Chicago-based writer/performer/educator. You can see in her performing improv and sketch all over the city. Her plays have been performed in eight states and counting, and she is the first recipient of the Jason Chin Memorial Scholarship. She has an MFA in Dramatic Writing from Arizona State University and an affinity for pastries.

Besides improvising her brains out, this winter Alice is remounting her solo show Meat Cute at The Annoyance and her original musical VoV is scheduled for a staged reading in April. She was recently cast in the new mockumentary pilot The Hex: Creating a Killer. Alice be shoppin’…her original pilot around.

Ya girl also coaches the indie improv team Fake Nudes and directs the sketch duo Shitty Bitches (the 2017 winner for “Best Sketch” at The Chicago Funny Women’s Fest). Their third revue Shitty Bitchmas played at iO Chicago throughout December. She is currently the creative consultant on two new full-length stage works coming to you in spring 2018.


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