Screenwriting from Big Picture to Proofing

“Alice helped me enormously with my half hour comedy pilot. Her feedback was specific and detailed and helped me take my script to a place where I was ready to submit it to industry. She understood the tone of what I was going for so well and was able to offer perfectly tailored guidance that shed new light on the script and clarified so many elements of the story for me. Not only did her feedback help me with the overall arc of the story, she also offered incredible pitches to punch up many specific moments that are true gems. It’s rare to receive such thoughtful, constructive feedback and I could not recommend her more!” – LEAH, STAND-UP & WRITER

“Alice helped me proof my half hour pilot, and provided me with unbiased feedback to help with structure and story. The final draft of my pilot ended up winning some competitions as well as getting nominations from others. It’s also great knowing that part of her fee goes to supporting local bakeries because she’s a sweet treat connoisseur. So, everyone wins!” – STANLEY, FILMMAKER

“Alice has given me incredibly helpful notes on multiple TV pilots. Her feedback is warm, specific, and solution-oriented. She has helped me with everything from character arcs to joke punch-ups to show titles. She is great at giving overall notes, as well as addressing my specific concerns.” – LORETTA, TV WRITER

“Alice gave me very thorough, organized, and helpful notes to take into my rewrite. She was encouraging, thoughtful, and knowledgeable. Writing is hard and getting a keen eye from a professional writer is helpful no matter where you are in the process. I highly recommend Alice!” – LIBBY, IMPROVISER & ACTOR

Playwriting/Dramaturgy from Inception to Final Product

“Alice helped me develop a play. I’ve sent several drafts of this piece to Alice and her feedback catches every inconsistency, asks wicked smart questions, and highlights the magic that works. She helped me define the big picture of the piece, and stay true to it in all the small details. Notes from Alice are like receiving a package from a wildly excited detective. My writing, and attitude towards writing, has also changed since working with Alice. She pushed me to find my voice and stay true to it, and write without judgement or fear.” – CAT, PLAYWRIGHT & NEO-FUTURIST

“Alice was a literary dramaturg for a production of a new musical comedy I wrote and directed. She found the perfect balance of helping further the script while also understanding that we were in rehearsals with actors and couldn’t make huge rewrites. She suggested simple and easy fixes that made big impact on the logic and structure of our show. She built up my confidence with her ability to give notes while making me feel good about my work at the same time. Alice is sure to make a positive impact on any project she touches.” – CASSIE, DIRECTOR

“My show would not have happened without Alice’s encouragement and expertise. Alice coached me through writing my first one-woman-show from concept to outline to script. She helped me find the perfect framing device for the show’s theme that tied together all of the ideas I had. It was the ‘aha’ moment I needed! Alice and I had genuine conversations about the content and I was thankful not only for her dramaturgy, but also for her friendship. I felt gently challenged and encouraged to go deeper and to be more vulnerable with my writing. She will give your script so much love, helpful feedback, and also make anything you write ten times funnier!” – MICHELLE, WRITER & PERFORMER

“Alice did an outstanding job holding me accountable on my writing goals. Writing my first play was an intimidating task, but with Alice checking in on my progress and keeping me motivated I can confidently say she played an integral role in it being completed. Even if there is no project on the horizon she is a huge cheerleader and inspiration to stick with the craft and keep on writing!” – DAN, PLAYWRIGHT & IMPROVISER

“Alice will format your full length play to perfection! Regardless of criteria! Alice’s, response time is remarkable! based on your request, the adequate time needed to complete the task, she will meet the deadline if not sooner.” – JEREMY, PLAYWRIGHT & ACTOR

“Alice joined our production as dramaturg and really helped us take the script to the next level. She helped us identify and fix plot issues, strengthen characters, and discover new opportunities for comedy. After the table read, Alice ran a talkback session with our actors that gave us some great insights into what was working, and what could use some more thought. The whole experience helped us feel much more confident about our script.” – JOHN, WRITER